Whispers from Heaven

Remembering mom on Mother’s Day

I find myself repeating what you said
The exact words that irritated me back then
I didn’t understand your sacrifice
But having kids of my own made me realize

I am bless to be more educated than you
And it blow my mind how you made it through
You defy the odds with less than I have
So I know I will make it too

Even when you lie on your death bed
You dealt with your sickness oh so well
I remembered I said to you “Mom what do you want God to do?”
With grace and dignity you utter “Whatever He thinks is better.”

On the day of your funeral I stared
at the face of someone I held so dear
I watched as they carried your casket
I was in so much grief, no tears, and no words
Total confusion of my emotions

I am happy you are not here to see the way I have failed
Even though I know you would say “never mind my dear.”
I am also sad you did not see all my victories
But somehow I know you are smiling down on me

Sleep on Mother you deserve the rest for you were certainly the best
I will continue to think of you and when I am blue
I will listen to your sweet whispers from Heaven

In memory of Celita Adina Mullings
May 7, 1934-October 19, 2003

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