Over and over we are told that the joy of the Lord is our strength. We in the church were also led to believe that if you truly have faith then you would not feel sad. After all, you can sing and dance away your troubles. I remembered being around a particular group of church folks who were taught that they should speak things as though they were. As a result persons would actually feel sick but would say I am doing great and so forth. While I believe that the joy of the Lord truly is our strength and one should have faith, I also believe that denying what you are feeling is not healthy or helping.

One should be able to admit to self and others that I am hurting, I am not feeling well, I am struggling in an area. Change can only come when one acknowledges the problem and admit that they need help. I do believe that some problems will be solved miraculously but most times it takes a process to resolve an issue. The process may include counselling and therapy. Going through the process is the best way to learn from struggles and build character.


There are many examples in the Bible of great men of God who became depress at one time or the other. David, Elijah, Solomon and Job are a few examples. They cried out to the Lord but also admitted to what they were feeling. God sent the right help for each of them in due seasons. God wants to help you in your struggle but you have to admit it to Him, God already knows but like what Jesus said to the lame man at the pool of Bethseda “Do you want to be made well?’