I have all right to be an angry single mother!

I got divorced after 17 years of marriage. I am in my forties, raising two kids with minimal child support. My ex remarried to a younger woman four months after the divorce was finalized, has a new family, prospering financially and has moved on with his new life. While my life on the other hand revolves around the children: homework, dinner, doctor and dentist appointment and so forth. How did I get here? After all, I did the right thing; I got married to a nice Christian man before I had my children as the last thing I wanted was to be a single mother.

I have all right to be angry. I am raising the kids that he helped to procreate all by myself. I feel betrayed, broken, disappointed, let down and rejected. Never thought I would get here because my family was the poster family, we were doing well financially and otherwise. The plan was for us to grow the boys together, get them out of the house, enjoy the rest of our lives and travel the world. Instead, I am starting over in my forties living in a two bedroom rented apartment. Of course, I have all right to be angry.


The same right as the mother who has breast cancer, the children who lost their dad in a car accident or the mother who gave birth to a special needs child.  The truth is, almost everyone has been disadvantage, betrayed, lied to, have broken dreams, which give all of us a reason to be angry. However, being angry does not benefit us instead it keeps us bound to our situation.

It takes great strength and courage to let go of our pain and hurt.  But we must choose to let go of the past and of the things we don’t have control over and trust God for His grace to help us through our situation.  For His grace is sufficient …(2 Corinthians 12:9) Of course I have all right to be an angry single mother but I choose to forfeit that right!