Common behavior of a cheating spouse


When someone is drawn by their desire to cheat there is pretty much nothing you can do to stop the person; no amount of cooking, cleaning or sex will change his mind.  The truth is happy husbands cheat too.  In a situation where there maybe cheating, ignorance is not bliss, you have to know what you are up against so that you can protect yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

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The list I have compiled is not one size fit all.  There may be signs as well as none and not because you may see a few of the behaviour I talk about in your spouse it does not necessarily mean he is cheating.  You must get concrete evidence to support your suspicion.

Here is the list of common behaviour displayed by a cheating spouse.


Silent treatment

He will find reason to stop talking to you on a regular basis to avoid you asking about his whereabouts and will sometimes even pick a fight so that he can have an excuse to storm out of the house – so he may go see his mistress.  His behaviour at times can be icy cold towards you.

Spend little time at home

He suddenly starts spending a vast amount of time away from home and may even become a social butterfly.  You will find that he is constantly on his phone and will sneak off to private areas in the home for example the wash room, basement or garage to text or speak on his phone.

Complains constantly about his wife

The cheating husband will create the most horrific picture of what a monster his wife is to get sympathy from his mistress and to rationalize his behaviour.  The sad part about it is that he eventually believes his own lies.

More conscious of his appearance than usual

Paying more than normal attention to his appearance; buys new clothes, covers his grays and may even start working out at the gym.


Shrugs his financial obligations

He may stop taking care of his financial obligations at home or there may be unexplained spending.  This is because he is using the money to buy gifts and to maintain his new lifestyle.

Change in sexual behavior

He may show little or no interest in having sexual intercourse with you and may even find excuse to sleep on the couch.  Or he may still be interested in having sex but there is a change in his sexual behavior like wanting to try new things or engaging in sexual activities he never did with you before.

Anger and nit picking

Easily gets angry with you or at family situations.  He will openly express his dissatisfaction about your domestic skills and sex life.  He may also compare you to other younger, attractive females and may even go as far as to criticize your appearance and may even ask you to lose weight.

If you think your husband is cheating, try not to snoop, however hard but listen to your intuition.  Men after awhile let their guards down and become careless in covering their tracks.  So if something is going on, you will eventually find out.  Make sure to have concrete evidence before you confront the cheating spouse. 

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