All great changes are preceded by chaos



“Snakes shed their skin to allow for further growth and to remove parasites that may have attached to their old skin.  A snake sheds anywhere from a couple of times a week to once a year depending on its size, age and health. The entire shedding process lasts for several weeks. The skin begins to turn dull and gray when a snake is preparing to shed.  Snakes are uncharacteristically aggressive during this time because of their vulnerable state.  Rough objects are commonly used to assist in the shedding process; it uses the rough object to anchor the old skin as it does soThe snake then splits the old skin around its head and crawls out. “  

Change is never easy, most times it is characterised by pain and discomfort.  However, change is necessary for growth and our circumstances may demand us to change several times in our lives.  Most of us detest change because we are afraid of uncertainty and we prefer to have everything figured out.

When situations and people in your life change, you must adjust and learn the new rules as no amount of resistance is going to stop the change from taking place.  You have to learn to live with uncertainty and trust that things will work out exactly the way it should.

Like the snake, the process of change may take awhile and during this period we too may become vulnerable but we can also use what is rough and painful to propel us into a better person.