Character change anyone?


The story is told about a man who was awoken by the scent of rotting, stinky cheese. To get away from the scent, he quickly went outside his house but even there he could still smell the scent.  He tried moving to different places to get away from the scent but the scent seems to follow him everywhere he goes.  Soon after he found out that the reason why he continued to smell the rotting, stinky cheese is because it was on the top of his nose; placed there by his grandchildren who played a prank on him while he was asleep.

There are some people who have moved from church to church, keep changing jobs, friends, spouses and it is always someone’s fault behind the reason for the change.  However, majority of the times is a change in character that is needed.  If you find yourself repeating a pattern in your life – it could be as a result of the attitude that you demonstrate everywhere you go.

It is said, “If one person says something about you, ignore it.  However, if two, three and many more say the same thing, it is time to do some self examination to find out if there is any truth to what is being said.”  Remember talent can take you places but only a good character can keep you there.