Trust God’s timing


A few years ago I wanted to buy a vehicle so badly that I was willing to jump through hoops in order to get it.  After all, I was tired of taking the bus and this certainly was not the life I was accustom to prior to my divorce.  I went to a car mart, selected a van and the dealer assured me that he was able to get a loan on my behalf.  “It’s a given.” He said.  “I will submit the documents and call you when the loan is approved.”

Two days later, I was called and it was certainly not the answer I was expecting.  I was informed that the bank did not approve the loan.  Needless to say I was very, very disappointed.  I literally had to talk myself into letting it go, I clearly remembered telling myself to trust God; everything will work out at the right time.

About two weeks later, my hours at work were cut tremendously and as a result I begun to struggle financially to the point where I couldn’t even pay my rent.  One day it darned on me that if I had gotten the loan to buy the vehicle I would not be able to make the monthly loan or insurance payments.  I then realized that God knew about what would happen with my job and protected me by allowing the loan to be denied. You may also like to read God wants your obedience not your help!


Many months later, I gained full time employment with another company and I needed a car in order to do this job.  My court case from my divorce suddenly settled after almost 2 years and I received some money and was able to buy a nice car and paid cash.  This time around, everything was in sync; I got a new full time job, without a car I wasn’t able to take the job and I received some money so I was able to buy the car instead of taking a loan.

This is one of the many times in my life where I witness God’s perfect timing.  He knows what we need and when we are able to handle the blessings.  You see, having a car and cannot make the monthly payments would have added to my stress and therefore would not be a blessing for me.  God’s blessings add no sorrow to it.

Whenever I am tempted to get impatient, I remind myself that I don’t know the reason for the delay or even when I am denied but I can trust God that He knows best.  God asked us in Proverbs 3:5 not to lean on our own intelligence, we only need to acknowledge Him and He will direct our path.

As believers, we have to learn to trust God and also His timing.



4 comments on Trust God’s timing

  • Rose Ann

    I can also testify that God’s timing is perfect!

    • balmingilead (author)

      Thank you for your comment. So nice of you to stop by and you are welcome to do so as often as you want.

  • roy smith

    Thanks for that inspiration Sister, I’m Roy Smith from New orleans your friend on facebook, I been Praying to God for over ten years for a Godly relationship, being single I was leaning to my oc understanding. In Proverbs 3: 5 Trust in the Lord with all Your heart, I let go and let God, one month ago I meet a wonderful Godly woman, we both thank God, He’s an on time God ! His timeing is best ! Take care God bless !

    • balmingilead (author)

      Awwww..that’s beautiful Roy. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I pray much blessings and many years of happy togetherness for you and your lady.

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